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Smells connect with us on an emotional level. Jogging fond memories from childhood or pleasant experiences on holidays to even unpleasant experiences at retail stores or fitness centres. Smells have a positive and negative influence on our mood depending on the odour. That’s a big reason scent is widely used as a strategic specific consumer touch point to emotionally connect with them. If you want to create a good memory perception about your brand in the mind of your customers, scent is the starting point. Let’s find out your olfactory identity at Indian Naturals. We use fragrance and flavour to create meaningful scents that establish a space for your brand offering complete fragrance solutions. Hotel and dining scents are used to emulate the rich, exotic, and timeless qualities to make a guest’s quality time memorable. We help brands who use scent as a marketing tool by creating custom fragrances as per their industry type. We stand by overall wellbeing. Good smell, good mind!  Scent has the power to deliver the brand message and connect with the customer deeply.  When it comes to scent, it is much more than fresh air. We are taking scent a step further by pioneering in perfume tourism. An experience based travel where fragrance and flavour come together to form a sensory orgasm.  Scent is a powerful tool; it’s a mood and a vibe. We are committed to delivering the right fragrance profile to our customers. Our B2B services connect directly with various industries ranging from Hospitality to FMCG, Retail and Luxury Real Estate.

Our know
how  guarantees a
unique olfactive identity.

The fragrance we choose ( Honey Suckle, from Indian Naturals ) has become the touchstone of our brand and stands on its own. When customers smell our fragrance, they immediately think of us —taking our brand to a new level of familiarity with customers. DLF Brands – Pure Home & Living

Indian Naturals is the brainchild of Pranav Kapoor an 8th generation perfumer and chef. The idea was to take the 140 year old family legacy of distilling essential oils and attars and bring it upto speed in a tech driven world. Indian Naturals has been focussing on providing technology driven fragrance solutions to the hospitality, and retail sector

IMG 3597
Lala Pratap Narain Kapoor 5th Generation (right) with then Governor at our Sandalwood Distillery. 1978
IMG 3598
Prakash Narain Kapoor 6th generation (Center) signing into office as Chairman of the district 1989.
IMG 3599
Uday Narain Kapoor 7th generation at HQ of the Perfumery 1994.
IMG 2448 e1654315329441

“We believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment. To express yourself.” 

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